The topic of “hearing loss in adolescents” is not even present in the media among affected young people. Instead, it is taboo, although more than 330,000 young people are affected. We want to change this with the creation of a YouTube channel together with deaf young people.

Among the social media that young people use for information and communication is Youtube. The production of videos that are fed into Youtube has become an important business and professional field. The project idea of “Hertz ist Trumpf” follows this. Youtube will become a medium for young hearing impaired people to exchange their topics and to inform interested people about the topic of hearing loss and its aspects.

The hearing impaired participants learn that they are as a team who determine the content of the videos and the technical realization. However, you are constantly accompanied by experienced practitioners.

The objectives of the project “Hertz is Trumpf”: Participants will be able to communicate independently or with the help of expertise on Youtube about hearing impaired topics and to inform them with videos. And society is informed and educated about the topic of “hearing loss in adolescents”.

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